Property Maintenance

HPM knows how important it is to preserve your investment, that is why we offer maintenance plans specifically geared to any request that you may send our way. We protect the image of your property by dedicating it the necessary time and attention. We manage communities and properties of all sizes, with personalized strategies, enriching your experience.

Pest Control

HPM offers a variety of professional and safe techniques to eliminate pests from your spaces.

Gutter Cleaning

Professional services removing any debris, dirt and leaves from the gutters and downspouts of your house, avoiding any possible clogs in the gutter system.

Roof Cleaning

HPM removes any moss, mold, mildew, and debris off your roof; keeping a clean roof that can extend its lifespan.

Drainage Cleaning

Correction of existing water issues with the installation of efficient drainage systems

Irrigation Installation, Startup & Shutdown

HPM installs needed irrigation systems, while also providing proper irrigation startups and shutdown to avoid any breakage during the winter months and ensure the system runs smoothly.

Common Area Maintenance (Multi-unit Properties) Repairs and Cleanliness

Providing services that ensure the property and individual units are maintained and clean.

Trash Collection

Trash removal services offer multiple collection methods and frequency to dispose of any waste or recycling material.

Property Safety Checks

HPM’s safety inspections and checklists will ensure a broad overview of safe and healthy living conditions, meeting all legal requirements.


First Impressions Are Everything

Make Your Property Stand Out.